I have a drop down box with college names that has 9000 options to choose from. I am unable to use the drop-down field in Webforms.

Is there a way to use an autocomplete in a text field for Drupal 6?


Autocomplete is implemented in Drupal through AJAX. When users type into a textbox, code on the client page dynamically loads new data from the server (a Drupal website) and uses this data to update the user display (provide a drop-down list of matching options, which the user can select from).

Available autocomplete functions (D6):

  • user_autocomplete() - Use this function to load matching user names.
  • taxonomy_autocomplete() - Use this function to load matching taxonomy terms.

If you want to have your own autocomplete function it is also possible. Please see a full article on this subject on drupal.org "Textfield that uses autocomplete" to see how to build a custom autocomplete function.

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