I need to display seperate URL(Deep linking) for individual tabs in a quick tab. I found a javascript fix in this link . The URL that is displayed has the quicktab name and tab number. It looks something like /test-quicktab-page?qt-test_quicktab=2. I need a more meaningful url to be displayed. For example /test-quicktab-page/world or /test-quicktab-page/local . How can this be done?

I tried creating a URL alias but that didn't help.

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Add jquery in external : This is used for you

  var quicktab = jQuery('ul.quicktabs-tabs.quicktabs-style-excel li  a').each(function() {
      var url  = 'test-quicktab-page?qt-test_quicktab=2';
      var href = jQuery(this).attr('href');
      var arr = href.split('/');
      alert(arr['2']);  /* rechange the index value as your url path */
      if(url == arr['2']) {

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