I'm trying to display a Facet block , which uses Term reference (Taxonomy) of Field Collection of Profile 2. Since I am new to Search (API), I have tried all sort of things but nothing worked.

For example:

  • Use Facet display of View: Rendered entity, Field..
  • Use Facet Block from Search API
  • Config options in Search /Search API..

In Home » Administration » Configuration » Search and metadata » Search API » View index

I added Facets the followings:

  • Vocabulary: Facet blocks look good in the picture below
  • Profile2->Field Collection: look good in the picture below
  • Profile2->Field Collection->Vocabulary(Taxonomy): bad,It always shows empty

Search API of Field collection

My Question is:

How can I make this happen? or Is it possible to do it?

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I found out the solution from Search API Drupal Recruiter here

In short, I have to click "+Add index" to make a new index based Profile

For example, Please take a look at the picture below to understand how to solve this issue. enter image description here

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