I have multi-site over directories.

xx and yy are made symbolic links are linked to same Drupal directory

domain.tld/xx domain.tld/yy

And on .htaccess it requires to have different Rewritebase

RewriteBase /xx


RewriteBase /yy

which is not possible.

Any other way to solve using someother RewriteRule?

Note: It is also multilingual website

Update: It is Drupal 7.26

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I was solved this problem . May be use to you for only Multisite


Give Symbolic link form mulitsite to site1
Executed that command line 
ln -s /var/www/multisite /var/www/site1

Rename example.sites.php to sites.php
// local IP address
$sites[''] = 'site1';

put this line in sites.php 

No need to use RewriteBase /xx

If you have any problem in symbolic link use this link https://superuser.com/questions/68685/chown-is-not-changing-symbolic-link

and also How do I setup multiple sites with one database in Drupal 7 (or) Multisite Apache configuration with Drupal

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