I am attempting to set up a list of articles that will display like so

2014 January February

2013 January Feb

I've set up my view, but once I use the YYYY contextual filter, it simply sorts it

2014 2013

And I cannot get the months to display. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

When I print the array the [url] returns /posts-by-date/2014

I am trying to have the array return posts-by-date/2014/[month]

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I have done this by setting up two displays of my view

Display 1 is a page display, with the path 'foo/date/%/%'. This then gets a pair of contextual filters, the first is for the year (the first argument). The second is for the month (the second argument).

Display 2 is a page display, with the path 'foo/date/%'. This gets a single contextual filters, the year.

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