I realise that this is similar to other questions posted, but they all seem to involve using print l() to output a fully formed anchor.

What I need is just the uri, output in plain text to use directly in the node template. I nearly got there with the following, but end up with the unaliased version:

  if (isset($node->field_source_of_tid['und'][0]['tid']) && $node->field_source_of_tid['und'][0]['tid']) :
    $term_uri = taxonomy_term_uri($term);
    $output = $term_uri['path'];
endif; ?>

And I use the output as so:

<a href="<?php print render($output); ?>">A BUTTON </a>

Any ideas?



You're probably looking for url()

Generates an internal or external URL.


$output = url($term_uri['path']);

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