I'm having a drupal form (7.x) of type checkboxes.

I have an array of values for my checkboxes.

$options = array(
    'uid'         => 'UID',
    'name'        => 'Name',
    'mail'        => 'E-mail',
    'created'     => 'Created',
    'edit_node'   => 'Edit',
    'cancel_node' => 'Cancel',

I have an array of default selected values.

$defaults = array(
    'uid'         => 'UID',
    'name'        => 'Name',

And now I try to make the default values selected by default, like this:

$form['dynamic_user_fields'] = array(
    '#type' => 'checkboxes',
    '#title' => t("Dynamic User Fields"),
    '#options' => $options,
    '#default_value' => $defaults,
    '#description' => t("Select the fields to display in the view."),

But this is not working, all checkboxes are unchecked by default. Where is my mistake?

What is not working so far: I've seen this related question but the answers do not work.

What I've tried:

(1) using numeric keys does not work.

'#default_value' => array(1, 2),

numeric keys

(2) using array keys does not work.

'#default_value' => array('uid', 'name'),

array keys

(3) using array structure does not work.

'#default_value' => array('uid' => 'UID', 'name' => 'Name')

array structure

Any ideas?


I stepped up to maintain this module but the code base is a migrated D6 module.


For form elements expecting multi-value defaults, Drupal expects an array where keys and values are equal to the keys in your options array. Something like the following should work:

$defaults = array(
    'uid' => 'uid',
    'name' => 'name',

You may also use $defaults = drupal_map_assoc(array('uid', 'name'));.

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