I'm new to Drupal and I am currently using Drupal 7. I need to know if what I am trying to do is even possible. If so I am going to need some pointers on how to implement it.

I have two vocabularies: Category and Brand. I have products that are tagged with a brand and one or more categories. I want a mega menu, dynamically built based on these terms. Basically, if there is a product tagged with category "A" and brand "X", a link should be created in the menu under products. So the menu would look like Products >> A >> X. Is there a way to accomplish this? I was thinking that I could create a custom module that would find all nodes of type product and create a category link for each new category it finds; then create a brand under the proper category.

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You are looking for Taxonomy Menu module. Here is an excerpt from its project page:

Transforms your taxonomy vocabularies into menus with ease!


  • Custom Menu per vocabulary
  • Uses the default taxonomy term path or custom paths
  • Integrate with Views
  • Integrate with Pathauto: use URL/path aliases
  • Does not interfere with other menu modules

I found these tutorials helpful to get started.

First Tutorial (youtube video).

Second Tutorial (youtube video).

  • Thank you for you suggestion but I don't think Taxonomy Menu will accomplish what I need. Category and Brand are 2 separate vocabularies and the Brands need to be sub-menus of Category. Also I am not linking to the actual taxonomy term page I have created a views pages for the catalog listing. so if you are on www.example.com/products/categoryX/brandY you will see a list of all products tagged with categoryX and brandY pulled from the URL. And what I would like to accomplish is dynamically building the menu link to each brand based on nodes tagged with a certain category/brand combination
    – n30r3b3l
    Commented May 13, 2014 at 23:01

If you need a cross Vocabularies like Product >> Cat-A >> Brand-X then you can use Taxonomi Menu UI (https://www.drupal.org/project/taxonomy_menu_ui).

Taxonomy Menu UI works like "Node-Menu Setting", mean you can:

  • Choose any parents: Brand-X has parent of Cat-A as your example
  • Only show/hide certain Term on menu

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