I have created a site with a development domain name. Now this site is online (camperlife.it), but sitemap.xml created by XML sitemap module still contains the development domain name.

I have rebuilt sitemap many times, but without success.

Where is my problem ?

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I think you have a setting wrong.

Browse to the XML Sitemap settings page (admin/config/search/xmlsitemap/settings).

Expand the Advanced Settings section.

Check/set the Default Base URL. Typically, I set this to make sure the default base URL gets used, as rebuilding from drush won't set it properly if you don't $uri set in your site alias.

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  • Hi, thanks for the reply, but in "Default base URL" I have my domain site in form of mydomain.ext. The only thing that I can think is that for some strange reason, xmlsitemap module get the sitename from machine and not from this setting. – ZioBudda May 15 '14 at 7:43

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