I am using Drupal 7 and Views 7.x-3.7.

In a view I have an exposed filter "gender".

If I select the filter type as 'single', it works fine. But I want radio buttons rather than dropdown so I select 'grouped filter' option.

enter image description here

Then the filter renders as I like.

enter image description here

But it always returns an empty result set.

There must be a setting that I am missing. Can you please point me to it?

Thank you.

  • It's hard to concentrate on your question because your screenprints aren't using english. Can you change that.
    – Marcel
    Commented May 14, 2014 at 9:31
  • @Marcel Replaced the images
    – turzifer
    Commented May 14, 2014 at 10:50

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Well, I could not find a way to make the grouped filter work for me. The solution I found was to use the Better Exposed Filters module. It is quite easy to configure. It worked smoothly for me.

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