I have a field collection, 'related content', that displays inside the 'page' content type tpl. It is a 'field' in the page content type. It works perfectly fine while logged in as admin, but cannot be seen by the anonymous users.

UPDATE: I've actually determined that this has something to do with Organic Groups. The 'page' that the field collection belongs to is a member of a group...the anonymous user can see this page, can see the body, title and other fields...however, I still cannot get the field collection to show up on the page even though the variables are available and can be dumped to the page...rendering the content using render() results in nothing, but works fine if logged in as admin.

If I simply do var_dump($content['field_related_content']) I can see that all of the information is there...however print render($content['field_related_content']) displays nothing for anonymous users.


The permissions for the individual groups also have to be set for each added field...it was kind of buried and hard to find. The path would be like /group/node/13/admin/permissions

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