I would like to charge my users to post content. For example, 1$ per node/ week that it's visible.

Now I know there are many subscription modules. But how can I manage a subscription system with re-occurring payments, which also automatically interacts with my website and makes changes in real time. For example - how can I have nodes 'expire' after 2 weeks if the user only pays for two weeks.

Are there any combination of modules people would recommend to use to implement such a system? I was thinking of Ubercart, UC Node Checkout, Node Published, however these are D6 modules and i've been on D7 for a while.

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You want Commerce License, a framework built exactly for that. You can write a custom license type that creates / deletes the node when the license status changes (and it would be a good candidate for a generic contrib).

The recurring side is handled by Commerce License Billing.

EDIT: There is now a Commerce License Node project too, doing what I described.


Did you check this out http://nicksantamaria.net/article/commerce-subscriptions? Using this module you can purchase role and the expiry of the role is set by rule schedular

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