I'm trying to preprocess my image style like this example

<img class="media-object img-rounded img-responsive" src="http://placehold.it/350x250">

My preprocess_image function looks like so:

function bootstrap_subtheme_preprocess_image(&$variables) {
  if(isset($variables['style_name'])) {
    if($variables['style_name'] == 'logged-in') {
      $variables['attributes']['class'][] = "media-object";
      $variables['attributes']['class'][] = "img-responsive";
      $variables['attributes']['class'][] = "img-rounded";

But it is not adding the classes.

Why not?

  • Note that only images that are theme'd with a theme('image') call will work in this way. Regular <img> tags won't. – AyeshK May 16 '14 at 18:13

Try this.

function mytheme_preprocess_image(&$variables) {
   if(isset($variables['style_name'])) {
    if($variables['style_name'] == 'image_style') // this is an image style used in drupal's image styles {
     $variables['class']['img-responsive'][] = "true";

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