I have different urls :

  • domain.com/blog : a list of articles made with Views module
  • domain.com/blog/article-title : article alias
  • domain.com/newsletter/confirm/add/xyz/ok : confirmation link sent to new subscribers by email by Simplenews module
  • domain.com/blog/ok : page to which subscribers are redirected after they click the confirmation link (simplenews passes the last arg to the redirect page)

For now, domain.com/blog/ok returns the same as /blog or a 404 (if I set the Global:null contextual filter in Views). I'd like new subscribers to be redirected to the blog page with a custom status message (for instance "You're now subscribed").

I guess it's something with hook_menu ? or MYTHEME_preprocess_page ?

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In case someone's interested, I finally got it fixed implementing a simplenews hook :

function MY_MODULE_simplenews_subscribe_user() {
  drupal_get_messages('status'); // Flush default simplenews status message
  drupal_set_message(t('My custom message'), 'status'); // Set my own message

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