I have a view created /admin/structure/views and it is a table.

How do I add a class (f.ex. "bgred") for a specific TD (f.ex "title") in this table without using JavaScript ? I mean I have some hidden field (f.ex. "Status") and want to add class for field "Title" only when Status==1, is this possible ?

I want to add class to TD element not some div inside TD...

<td class="bgred">


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1) click on desire field under 'Fields' in your view

2) select 'Style Settings' 

3) check 'Customize field HTML' checkbox

4) check 'Create a CSS class' checkbox

5) enter 'replace-this-class' in 'CSS class' text field

then you should look into hook_views_post_render - this where you can access the actual html output for each row. if you add a class to the field as described above, you will be able then do php find and replace based on any logic.

my_module_views_post_render(&$view, &$output, &$cache) {

    foreach ($view -> result as $result) {

        //not sure about that - you would need to debug that
        $result_status = $result -> status; 

        //your php logic and new class assignment
        if($result_status == 1) {
            $class = 'new-class';

        //what you want to replace - again double check that
        $replace = '<td class="replace-this-class';

        //alter `$output` variable
        $output = str_replace($replace, '<td class="'. $class .'"', $output);



This is very ugly but it works. Of course you will need to look into the $output variable to make sure that you are targeting correct html.

  • Can I somehow add such class based on value from other field (like hidden one f.ex. "Status"), so when Status==1 I want to add class "bgred" ? May 19, 2014 at 14:56
  • that is a very very different question. I don't think adding it to TD is possible using views alone. Please update your question and see updated answer.
    – sylwester
    May 19, 2014 at 15:25

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