Is there any module to let my shop customers design their own t-shirt, mugs, caps, mouse pads. They can upload an image to t-shirt, back and front side, or select existing image from the logo categories, and they can also write their text on the template shirt. and have below features


  • Upload an image on the template t-shirt.

  • List item

  • Change t-shirt side, front or back.
  • Select an Image from the existing logo categories, to put on the
  • template t-shirt
  • Write text on the template t-shirt
  • Up to 4 text lines - New
  • Change text size, color, font type

my shop is based on drupal commerce

anybody know module to provide something like this features, or any idea that how can I implement it?

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You are looking for Commerce Customizable Products

Drupal Commerce allows you to sell customizable products that require customer input when added to the cart. Use cases for this functionality include:

  • Business cards that require contact information and a logo upload.
  • Event registrations that require attendee information.
  • Donations the allow the customer to specify a donation amount.

and especially for t-shirt design it is possible only through third party tools, we can integrate but it is not free, they have drupal support with their tool http://www.online-product-designer.com/online-advance-tshirt-design-tool.php and http://harboarts.com/shirtdesigner/


I think the best bet for user customized products for Drupal Commerce is to integrate the open source fabricjs.com library. This can then export as an image, svg or json data.

I did a quick fiddle mock-up here for a basic demo: http://jsfiddle.net/cdn256L6/1/

Is anyone keen to implement this for Drupal 8 / Commerce 2.0?

If not, perhaps as interested parties we can start a chip-in to get this done?

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