I would like to create a set of buttons or text links on my site that set the value of a node field and/or create additional nodes. Currently, I am using a combination of flags and rules to do this (when a flag is set, do the following...) This works fine, but it feels a bit cumbersome. The flag has no other purpose other than triggering an action. Is there a module specifically for doing this (including ajax) or is there another simpler way to perform this activity?

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There is a Field Button module that creates and renders a button. You can then write a rule that is triggered by button clicks. This works great if you only need one or two buttons on a page. However, this module has trouble figuring out which node the button belongs to (and therefor may not be a good option for lists of nodes & buttons rendered by views.)

Another option is the Rules Link module. This module does roughly the same thing. It is not as pretty, but it has better rule integration.

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