I have some XML formatted as such:


Ultimately from this example I want 3 nodes:

  • Title: "Name (1)" GUID: 12
  • Title: "Name (2)" GUID: 13
  • Title: "Name (3)" GUID: 14

I'm quite happy to do 2 runs of the file if necessary. I have one importer at the moment which sets up the "Name (1)" items. This works perfectly.

I have a second importer set up which I can successfully create the secondary "upgrade" nodes but only if I use \item\upgrade as the context, at which point I lose the title element so the nodes come through as " (2)", " (3)" etc.

If I use \item as the context like the initial importer, I can't seem to loop through the upgrade XML nodes.

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Answered on drupal.org

Import will need to be done using the context \\item\upgrade.

Then to target the title from the parent node, use ..\title.

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