I am running a remote command on my server to execute cron.php and I get this error : Fatal error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function filter_xss() in /home/k1004/html/www_dem o/oan/srcs/includes/common.inc on line 655 Does anyone have an idea about where it comes from??


Can you make sure the filter module is enable.

I think this problem is because you have a function call to filter_xss() before the filter module load.

Is your Drupal is stand install or this problem exist after install other module?

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  • Yes I think normally the filter module is enable since I can't see a way to enable/disable it. I guess it may be one of the modules I have installed but I can't figure out which one. – Mika A. Sep 19 '11 at 11:05

I finally found a patch that solved the problem. It seems that it was a problem in the core update I have made.

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