I have a drupal 7 installation with a paid template which I am trying to tweak. The template has a demo installation, which has a content-type named 'Team'.

So I created a bunch of content with type as Team. Now if I create a Basic Page content and in the URL Alias if I give 'content/team', then it shows a grid view of all the team content I created (each team members photo, name & designation with a read more button).

There is a node--view--team.tpl file available in the codebase.

My problem starts when I try to rename the content-type called Team to 'Students(machine name was also changed tostudents). After renaming I renamed the tpl file tonode--view--students.tpl`. In the URL alias, if I give any url other than 'content/team', all I get is an empty page. If I change the URL alias to 'content/team' - everything works!!

This is driving me mad, I know I cannot get a complete answer since I am tweaking a custom theme, but any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


I have run into this before; it's the result of some bad practices commonly used by the commercial Wordpress—ehem, wait, I mean, Drupal—themers.

The culprit code is probably in a function in template.php or similar. Try searching the entire theme codebase for "team" - if you are on a Unix system you can use the grep command like this

grep -r "team" /path/to/theme

This might help you find the dirty function.

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