I have a Views list of Boats and every Content Type 'boat' has a location. So I have created an exposed form that already contains a location <select>, and when changed, the boats are successfully filtered by the location selected. I want to put other inputs in this form, like:

  • Check in Date
  • Check out Date
  • Number of visitors

But these data are not filters, they are just input that can be used in the next step (explained later).

  1. Is there a simple way to add these custom fields in the exposed filter form (or look like being inside it somehow)?

  2. How to retrieve this information, so when a specific boat is selected (that's the next step) the number of visitors,check in/out dates, etc will be shown in a similar form (Webform) which finally sends a mail..

Thanks in advance!

PS: I am a newbie on both Drupal and Drupal Answers! I've searched but I am confused whether I should create a custom module or use an existing one that I currently am unaware of.

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I think I found it! I got to the the Views' theme folder and did what exactly I show here!

Then the data-passing through different pages needs some script and is done!

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