Note: Aegir is an installation / site management tool for drupal sites & platforms. See http://community.aegirproject.org/ for details.

This question may be down to an Aegir issue or a drush one; thoughts from either angle are welcome:

I've managed to create Aegir/drupal platforms via both the command line (see http://lists.aegirproject.org/pipermail/aegir/2011-January/000026.html) and web interface, and I can get sites to install with a selected profile through the web interface, but when I try to install a site via the command line it keeps resetting to the default profile. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong here?

I create a site alias:

drush --uri='demo.c.didev.co.uk' provision-save '@site_demo.c.didev.co.uk' --context_type=site --platform='@platform_dennis_generic_20110316b' --profile='myprofile' --db_server='@server_localhost' --client_email='[email protected]'

and it creates a valid alias file:

cat .drush/site_demo.c.didev.co.uk.alias.drushrc.php 
<?php $aliases['site_demo.c.didev.co.uk'] = array ( 
'context_type' => 'site', 
'platform' => '@platform_dennis_generic_20110316b', 
'server' => '@server_master', 'db_server' => '@server_localhost', 
'uri' => 'demo.c.didev.co.uk', 
'root' => '/var/aegir/platforms/dennis_generic_20110316b/', 
'site_path' => '/var/aegir/platforms/dennis_generic_20110316b//sites/demo.c.didev.co.uk', 
'site_enabled' => true, 
'language' => 'en', 
'client_email' => '[email protected]', 
'aliases' =>  array ( ), 
'redirection' => false, 
'profile' => 'myprofile', );

However, when I run "drush @hostmaster hosting-import @site_demo.c.didev.co.uk" it rewrites the alias file to "profile = default" and installs with the default profile!

Now, this is a pain but not a disaster as I can do the initial site creating via the web interface and it'll work, but I get apparently related errors when trying to migrate on the command line (per instructions at http://community.aegirproject.org/node/41) where it appears to not create an array of profiles and crashes (I'll post on that separately later) and wanted to rule out these problems before I tackle those.

So - am I doing something wrong, or is there just a bug?

  • can you do a normal 'drush si' using the profile? Commented Mar 22, 2011 at 12:40

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I tweeted this to Mig - he says:

probably a bug. Workaround is to not hosting-import the site but re-verify the platform & let it autoimport site by itself

HTH! =)


This shows something akin to what you are doing. One interesting line in it is.

Be sure to install the 3.3 version of Drush as any newer versions will cause problems with Aegir later (as I found out the hard way)

That may be worth trying.

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