I'm trying to filter some content with a view, But view provides access to single entity type. I want to add the fields from profiles and content types. I'm wondering Is it possible to include both contents and profiles in a single view. I have spent lot of hours searching on web to find a solution for this, but didn't helped.

In this image I have selected content and it allows only to access the elements of contents. But I also want to filter the result by matching the contents of a content type and a profile.

In this image view allows to select content

Can anyone provide me a better solution to solve this problem....


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With Content-type view, you can use the "relationship" feature in Views and have access to the profile fields of the author of a certain node that is listed in the view. The same is valid for the Filters of that view.

To do so, edit your view and expand the "Advanced" settings section on the right. Then click on Relationships -> Add and add the relationship "Content: Author".

Hope that helps.

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