I have made a 3d Hover effect for a Team Members about page. When you hover over a photo it flips like a box and reveals peoples credentials. I want to be able to make the div link to the team members content (the page that goes further into depth about each individual team member). I have re-written the code like so:

  • [field_photo]

         <a href="[node:content]"><div class="ch-info-back">
            <br/> <br/>
               <h3> [title] </h3>
                  <p> [field_position] </p>

  • I tried linking it like: . Unfortunately, no luck... I saw that I could make a php function but there must be an easier way !! if anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated (=

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    Add a field to your view of type Content:Path and drag it to the top of your field list. Then your href should be:

    <a href="[path]"><div class="ch-info-back">

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