I am using

  • Drupal 7.28
  • Apache Solr 4.4.0
  • Search API Solr 7.x-1.5
  • Search API attachment 7.x-1.3 and
  • Search API Page 7.x-1.1.

I have created 2 content types with - Title - ID - Document date (not the default node creation date) - Attachment

My index and preprocessing settings are the following: Index Fields: index fields Processor settings: Processor settings

In the search page I am searching all the fields and have set View mode: Themed as search results

The searches work correctly only that when I search for a keyword appearing in the attachment text, the results return without the search snippet, whereas when I search in the title, the returned result is correctly highlighted

The funny thing is that when I submit the query directly to solr with e.g. q=tm_title:Spain?hl=on the <lst name="highlighting"> is empty.

Any ideas?

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It appears that Create Excerpt was the option that was not allowing the search snippet to appear. After I disabled it, everything worked as expected. Should have done my homework better :-/


Posting this for anyone stumbling upon this problem when using Display Suite: if you use the standard "search result highlighting input" view mode with the "search snippet" field, make sure to apply the patch in this issue to get results.

Also, under Advanced options in your solr server settings, make sure to enable "Return an excerpt for all results", "Retrieve result data from Solr" and "Highlight retrieved data".

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