I have a web form with select option field whose value is quite long. I cannot use css to configure this. I need to use input format so that I can break this option using HTML code. Is there any module or something?

Additional Info: We don't have input format option in case of webform module's select fields. My value in select field option is quite long. I have three values like below:

  Session 1: PwC 
  Sourcing Strategies for the Next Decade

  Presented by:
  Damon Paling, Partner, PwC China
  Anthony Tennariello, Partner, PwC New York
  Maytee Pereira, Director, PwC New York.

I would like show the user like this but this is not possible since we don't have input format (HTML) to select.


I recommend the chosen module.


Its goal is to make input element a little more user friendly.

See here: http://harvesthq.github.io/chosen/

  • But I don't want user friendly select value. I want to break select option values which is quite long. – New Drupal User Jun 3 '14 at 14:33
  • Can you give an example of what the form field looks like and how you would like it to look/function. – Piers Jun 3 '14 at 18:32
  • Please check my updated question. – New Drupal User Jun 5 '14 at 13:25

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