I am writing a query that will retrieve nodes that match a set of criteria. Though the number of cirteria is unknown. I was hopping i could pass to the condition() method an array of criteria with a key as the 'column name' and that value as the 'value to match' for that colum. For instance :

$criteria = array ('nid' => 1, 'etid' => '1')

$query = db_select('table', 't');

  ->condition( $criteria)
  ->fields('t', some_field);

I have almost 10 criteria and no way to know which will be selected so writing a query for each wont be possible.

Is there a way to achieve that ?


i thought about using that :

if (empty($criteria1)){
    $criteria = array (":criteria1"= '*');
}else {
 $criteria = array (":criteria1"=$criteria1);
$query = db_query('SELECT nid FROM { parce_index } WHERE criteria1 = :criteria1 AND criteria2= criteria2...',$criteria));

Would that make sense ?

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If anyone ever need that i got an answer there.


This is useful as well :


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