I've followed this : how to send variable from .php file to .js file?.

But following my code isn't working

What I want to do is whenever anybody logs in I want to send the login/password to browser javascript which will send it to another server.

It's only for a test case and not for production environment.



(function($) {
  Drupal.behaviors.cyberoam = {
    attach: function (context, settings) {

        alert(Drupal.settings.cyberoam.login) //on commenting this below alert works



In the cyberoam.module

function cyberoam_from_alter_submit(&$form, &$form_state)
     $username = $form_state['values']['name'];
     $password = $form_state['values']['pass'];

     dsm($username.':'.$password); //working fine

     drupal_add_js(array('cyberoam' => array('login' => $username )), 'setting');

What could be the problem? I've read same solution in multiple places but mine isn't working. In the Firebug console it shows TypeError: Drupal.settings.cyberoam is undefined


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You shouldn't set the values in the submit hook, you should use hook_init().

In the submit hook you should set a variable ( variable_set("name", "value") ) and read it in the hook_init using variable_get("name", "dafault_value");

On the other hand, you should NEVER add the password in js variables. It's a huge security risk.

  • It's a test case. I want both login/passwd to be sent to the javascript. hook_init is called before hook_submit during which I'd not have collected the passwd
    – AgA
    Commented Jun 3, 2014 at 9:29
  • Probably you can use preprocess_page instead of hook_init Commented Jun 3, 2014 at 9:35
  • hook_init is called first but after hook_submit is called, the page will refresh. So if you save you values in variables using variable_set() they will be available when page refreshes. Hope it makes sense. Commented Jun 3, 2014 at 15:20

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