I have installed omega 4 theme successfully with the help of this link on Windows 7 machine. Working with the theme is awesome, however when I enabled the sub theme ohm, there I am getting issues. I have made a change to the following line in ohm/sass/layouts/hero/hero.layout.scss

.l-constrained {
  width: 95%;


.l-constrained {
  width: $desk;

$desk is a variable declared in sass/variables/_grid.scss file.

Afterwards I am getting following error.

sass/layouts/hero/hero.layout.scss (Line 1 of sass/variables/**/*: File to import not found or unreadable: ../../variables/_colors.scss

I can see there is slolution mentioned here, buit don't know how to implement it in omega 4 config.rb file.


This is the problem of gem sass-globbing on Windows. If you are using it on Windows version having this issue, than try following solution sass-globbing does not support Windows 7. If it does not work, try the following alternative (not the best solution but it works). Add following line in ohm/sass/layouts/hero/hero.layout.scss

// Globbing from within sub-folders only works with relative paths.
@import "../../variables/colors";
@import "../../variables/grid";
@import "../../variables/legacy";
@import "../../variables/typography";
  • I was baffled by the same issue with my own Omega 4 custom layout and your method worked. Thank you! Jun 10, 2014 at 2:25

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You can fix this by editing your Gemfile and changing: gem 'sass-globbing' to gem 'sass-globbing', '1.1.0'

Then go back to terminal and type: bundle

All should be fixed


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