I created a Webform and now I want to send an email on submit to the customer. But I'm not understanding how to take the submission values one by one and use it in the email body.

The submission tokens description says:

%value[key] - A value without additional formatting. Elements may be accessed such as %value[fieldset_a][key_b]. Do not include quotes.

What kind of key the %value array have got? How can I find they?


Here is the answer.

Lets say I've 4 fields in Webform

 Label    -   Field Key

First Name - first_name

Last Name - last_name

Phone Number - phone_number

Message - message

Here is the way to access them in template field

For example if you want to display name as the combination of First Name and Last Name

Name:  %value[first_name] %value[last_name] 

Then this appears in mail like

Name: Krishna Mohan

If you want to access a individual field value with Label

For example Phone number


This appears in mail like

Phone Number - 555-555-5225

I've tested this and works great! Hope this helps

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