I have a Drupal7 website using a modified Zen subtheme that looks ugly on mobile devices and i want some kind of utility to create a separate mobile theme .
I tried to use differents modules like Mobile Switch,Mobile Detect ,Mobile Tools & Theme Key but unfortunatley they don't support Drupal Default Cache .
Is there any way or method or another module to resolve this problem.
Thank you very much


ThemeKey does support the Drupal cache.

However, the Drupal cache cannot perform device specific cacheing on a single domain since page caches are organized by absolute URLs. See this discussion for an explanation: https://www.drupal.org/node/2242303

The solution is to have a device redirect at the server level to a mobile subdomain (ie. m.mysite.com) which shares the same docroot and switches the theme there. The Boost module is recommended and the process is outlined here:


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