I am running into a problem with url alias in my drupal 7 installation:

I have a drupal 7 installation which uses a purchased theme. This theme has a portfolio section (in its demo installation with dummy data). I updated the demo installation and changed all sections are required by my project - everything works out fine.

Now the portfolio section has a url called http://<my_drupal_site>/portfolio/4 I need it to be http://<my_drupal_site>/branch-locator. Things I have tried/noticed so far:

  • I checked the node table, the url_alias table, the admin > content section as well as admin > search > url_alias there is nothing related to portfolio/4. When I open the corresponding block it does not have any body/code in it (I believe that is because it is a block that is part of the theme). When I open the view, I still am not able to find anything where portfolio/4 is mentioned.
  • The only place where I found portfolio/4 was in menu_router table which had an entry for the same. I updated this record to branch-locator and everything worked fine for a few minutes. Then it showed me a 404 error. When I went back to the menu_router table I found that portfolio/4 was back again in place of branch-locator. (I read somewhere that menu_router table gets cleaned and recreated somehow - not sure how)

So my question is, how can I have portfolio/4 get rendered as branch-locator? Since this is a custom theme I know it will be hard for anyone to give an exact answer how to solve this, but any pointers will be VERY much appreciated!!

P.S - I am not sure what tags to add..If you feel this question can be better tagged, please do so :)

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Sounds to me like you just have to add an URL alias for ´portfolio/4´.

  1. Go to Configuration > Search and metadata > URL aliases.
  2. Click "Add alias".
  3. Enter portfolio/4 as "Existing system path" and branch-locator as "Path alias".
  4. Hit Save and it should be ok.

If you want nodes to have a similar path alias, e.g. branch-locator/node-title, you should look into the Pathauto module.


  • That did it! Thank you very much, I didnt know I could add portfolio/4 as a system path... Jun 8, 2014 at 5:22

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