I have my image field's array $node->field_blog_image, but how do I render it as it does in the $page['content']?

The URI confuses me as its simply public://my_image.jpg

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file_create_url to get the path of your image:

// $nid is the id of your node
$entity = entity_load('node', array($nid));
$uriImagefromNode = $entity[$nid]->field_image_test_field['und'][0]['uri'];
$urlImagefromNode = file_create_url($uriImagefromNode);
// $urlImagefromNode variable now has the path to the image

I hope this information be useful.

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    Great, however the image style has been lost! After a little digging I found that image_style_url('my_image_style', $node->field_my_image['und'][0]['uri']) did the trick. Sep 20, 2011 at 22:35

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