Let's say I have a menu which is structured like this:

-- About (href="/about")
----- Company (href="/about/company")
----- History (href="/about/history")
-- Offer (href="/offer")
-- News (href="/news")
-- Contact (href="/contact")

So the 'Company' and 'History' are children of the 'About' element. Now, Bootstrap automatically creates the dropdown and if I want to visit 'About' and click it, it only opens the dropdown containing the children. So I can't actually visit 'About' from the menu. How can I force the Bootstrap theme to prevent this behavior?

Any idea how to do this?


it took me ages but if you go to menu-link.func.php and take out line 33 $element['#localized_options']['attributes']['data-toggle'] = 'dropdown';

works!!! took me like 3 weeks of reading :)


You can also add a jQuery script to remove the href tab and disable the link.

$('#mainlink a').removeAttr('href');
$('#mainlink a').addClass('disabled');

Just to add another case scenario sometimes the drop-down is only offered on the sibling pages. On a Drupal 8 site you need to go into the parent menu item and enable the - Show as expanded (all languages)

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