I don't know my question is cheap or good !:(

I want to create a map that shows on users location and last post like Azadnegar's map or Drupal.org front page. I know I should use openLayers, CCK, views but I can't build as well as Azadnegar! I want to know how create map like its map, I mean how can I config our modules. in this site get user location in registration form in list box,how create like it?

what map her use?How create views?or ...

please explain whit detail !

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Once I had to do the very same thing and followed this good video by Drupal Therapy. It uses GMap (API 2) + Location modules instead of Open Layers, but if you're on D6 this is still a good solution. If you enable user-locations and node-locations functionalities in the modules page, you'll find predefined Gmap user/nodes location views. If you need to associate geographic information only on certain content types (and not to all nodes), you'd better enable location-CCK and just add and configure a location field to your desired content type, then create your Gmap view.

Hope it helps you to start with maps in Drupal.

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