I'm in my sub theme's comment.tpl.php, and I have print render($content['links']) - how do I access the individual links within that? I tried doing a print_r to see if it was a bunch of nested arrays - it appears it is(?) - but I can't seem to dig into those arrays to get the individual links? I tried $content['links']['comment']['#links']['comment-reply'] for example (based on the structure returned form the print_r) to get just the reply link, but I get nothing.

Ultimately what I'm trying to do: Due to various modules and some flags I have 5 links on every comment: reply, delete, edit, flag, and like. I want to group edit, delete, and flag (and any other future miscellaneous) into a little dropdown menu at the top of the comment. Then put reply and like in individual styled buttons at the bottom. I was planning to just handle the menu and buttons using Bootstrap since that's my theme base, but I can't "get to" the individual links to add the classes and markup I need. Additionally I want to change the displayed text, capitalize Reply for example and add some inline icons for edit, delete, etc.

I've come across theme_links, but that page is over my head. Sounds like maybe I need to understand this? If so I don't even understand where to start to apply it - I searched across all files in my base theme (Bootstrap) and found nothing with that name to start from?

Where and how should I be trying to do all this?

  • I have a similar problem, but thanks to point me toward theme_link function. Anyway, inspecting the $....['comment-reply'], i was able to access the title and href of each links. I don't know why you can't.
    – Astrayus
    Jun 15, 2014 at 12:04

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thanks to your link to the theme_links i managed to solve my problems, so here's how i would solve yours.

the idea is to split the links in two parts, one to print before and the other after the content.

$group = $content['links']['comment']['#links'];
$plain = array();

if( isset($group['comment-like']))
    $plain['comment-like'] = $group['comment-like'];
if( isset($group['comment-reply']))
    $plain['comment-reply'] = $group['comment-reply'];

$first = $content['links'];
$first['links']['comment']['#links'] = $group;
$second = $content['links'];
$second['links']['comment']['#links'] = $plain;

//before the print render( $content);
//note: apparently, you can't add a class to the <ul> element from here, so you should manually wrap it and fix your css accordingly
print '<wrapp class="something">'.render($first).'</wrapp>';

print render($second);
  • Add this to your comment.tpl.php, probably there's a more "drupal-like" solution, but so far i can't find it.
    – Astrayus
    Jun 15, 2014 at 13:53

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