I want users to be able to create taxonomy terms and other users to be able to flag these taxonomy terms (using the flag module, sort of Follow). Then i want each user to have a view of nodes which have been tagged with those taxonomy terms they flagged. Is this currently possible with views contextual filters? Any alternative also welcome.

Example use case: i flagged terms Technology and Business created by admin or other users. When a user posts a node tagged with Technology or Business, i will see the post on my wall (My wall is an admin created view of all nodes tagged with the terms that i have flagged)

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Here is how this can be done:

  1. In the View, add a Relationship to the node's taxonomy term (using "Content: Taxonomy terms on node")
  2. Either add a filter criteria for the term, or add a contextual filter that would limit the terms to those flagged by the particular user.

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