I was using mimemail(), a function defined from the MIME mail module, in Drupal 6 to send emails using attachments.

The Drupal 7 module doesn't have mimemail().

What function should I use in Drupal 7, instead of mimemail()?


The reason the mimemail() function does not exist for Drupal 7 is because it is not needed.

See, for instance, issue: API function for quick send html mail without uneccessary operations (mimemail analog from 6.x) in the project's issue queue;

On Drupal 7 calling drupal_mail() is enough. See the README.txt and drupal_mail_system() for more information.

The general idea is that you set up the Drupal to use MimeMailSystem for some or all mail messages sent by your module:

  '{$module}_{$key}' => 'MimeMailSystem', // Just messages with $key sent by $module.
  '{$module}' => 'MimeMailSystem', // All messages sent by $module.

and then calling drupal_mail() is enough.

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