I'm looking for a Drupal 7 theme similar to the wordpress theme Twenty Fourteen. The main factors that I would like to find in a drupal theme are

  • the image grid for posts similar to the grid pictured on the theme page
  • the menu locked into the side
  • responsive

I was hoping to find something with as little modification needed as possible, but I'm not opposed to creating a subtheme and doing some customization. I tried searching some drupal theme repositories like the offerings available on themeforest and template monster but I haven't found anything that caught my eye.


You're going to find Drupal is pretty limited on well made pre-built themes. If you're looking for a good grid system, NineSixty and Boostrap provide a good base to build upon. As far as menu settings and post output, this is typically custom to each site. The post output, for instance, would rely on a custom content type and View to display this information.

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