I need to have a request form on a D7 site which does a few different things with the form data:

  • Writes to database table (standard);
  • Emails a copy of the form data to a site administrator on a pre-defined email address;
  • Creates a XML file attachment in a prescribed format (not valid XML, so possibly best being a template with placeholder values being replaced by form data) which is also attached to the email to administrator.

The generation of the XML is currently working fine in a bespoke PHP system and I'm thinking for ease re-using the functionality would make good sense.

However, is there a simple way to hook this into the submit process for the Drupal form? I believe using the Forms API may be the best approach?


Just implement the hook_form_alter or hook_form_FORM_ID_alter and add your custom submit handler.

See this article for an intro into hooking into forms: http://websmiths.co/blog/very-introduction-drupals-hookformalter

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