hi I followed this really good guide on how to create a custom theme for Commerce Kickstart. Basically this is what I did:

  • made a copy of - xx\profiles\commerce_kickstart\themes\omega\starterkits\omega-html5
  • Added - xx\profiles\commerce_kickstart\themes\commerce_kickstart_theme\commerce_kickstart_theme.info
  • Made the appropriate alterations to the .info file.
  • Ticked the relevant options in Appearance.

Unfortunatly it doesn't appear to create an exact copy of the site. On investigation the HTML markup appears to be different so I'm assuming the inherited styles are not able to bind with the correct DOM entries.

The two screen shots show first the original look and second the after my theme is enabled, I've also included the view of the DOM, which you can see is different.

enter image description here enter image description here


I have build a vanilla install of commerce kickstart and followed the guide and all is working. No idea what caused the failure on the previous install, but there we have it, reinstall of kickstart and follow the guide is the way forward.

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