I am using a custom image field in one of my content types, which I am accessing using the following code.

if ($content['field_heading']) { 
  print render($content['field_heading']);

Everything is fine, except that in administrative area I am seeing this error message:

Notice: Undefined index: field_heading in include() (line 4 of tridz7\sites\all\themes\tridz\node.tpl.php).

What could be the reason? Is there any workaround?

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Probably you have nodes where the "field_heading" field has not been set, or you didn't enable the field in output tab on content type section.

Try this code:

if (!empty($content['field_heading'])) { 
  print render($content['field_heading']);

Drupal errors "Notice: Undefined index: profile in...".

Basically the particular above notice is created when PHP tries to access the index of an array, where the variable is not holding an array. Check that 'field_heading' has a value assigned to it in the $content array.

If this is your development server, you'll also want to disable displaying warnings. The link above also details how you can do this at the PHP/server level; you can also disable the error reporting to the screen on a production site in Drupal.

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