I have a view for nodes that show my products by product reference field. All of these products tagged with "Catalog" vocabulary. I have added a reference to the field_product in the view.

Is there any way to use contextual filter «has taxonomy term ID (with depth)» for this view?

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At the moment there is no easy/correct way of doing things as far as I know.

You could try to:

use Commerce Taxonomy Reference (sandbox project). Excerpt from the page:

If you want to add the Contextual Filter 'has taxonomy term ID (with depth) to a Commerce Product View this module will accomplish that.

This does what you need, but I can't get it to work: there are some versions mismatching etc.


You could move the Taxonomy Reference field away from the Commerce Product to the Product Display node (content type) and use the normal filter (Content: has taxonomy term ID (with depth)).

  • Clone the default view called "taxonomy term" and start from there.
  • Add a relationship to your product, and save.
  • Add fields as you like.

Use the Taxonomy Entity Index module

This creates a more complete taxonomy index for all entity types, and provides useful Views filters.

Note: if installing on a site with existing content, you need to rebuild the index from the Configuration page before it'll work.

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