I have created a collection of views (base) that collects identifies a category of articles and a second single view (tabs) that creates tabs to filter the content into sub categories for all base views using contextual filters.

  • I have created two vocabularies to contain terms for Section and part.
  • A sample base uses the path /division/SectionTerm.
  • The path for the tabs view is /division/%1/part.
  • Each page of the tabs view has a filter to a specific part term.

The idea is to have a series of menu tabs that display different related content related to a section. This works fine in a test without the contextual filter, but the tabs do not show when I change to contextual filters for the tabs view although the preview is showing correct results.

I am having a similar problem having a view block using relations appear. See separate question post.

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I am doing something similar, I think, but it is driven by Taxonomy Menu. For what it is worth (for any other researchers), I have set a contextual filter and a relationship:

enter image description here

Contextual filter settings:

screenshot1 view contextual filters screenshot2 view contextual filters screenshot3 view contextual filters

And my relationship (see 1st screenshot) setting is just default:

screenshot view relationship

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