I am creating nodes with rules and the default author for these nodes is the user 1 (admin).

I have a set of users as 'administrator' roles. e.g: John, Jack, Sophie

Is it possbible with rules(or custom php code in rules) to change the author from admin to one of the 'administrators' in randomly fashion.

workflow: create node, author admin --> rule --> change author to John, Jack or Sophie --> save node


Enable Views Bulk Operations

  • Create a view (Table format is the easiest to manage.)
  • Add a relationship Content: Author (not required)
  • Add the author field so you can see who is the current author
  • Add the field Bulk operations: Content
  • Under Selected Bulk operations choose Change the author of the content. Save the view.

Now on the view page you will see a table of all your nodes.

  • Check the select box next to the rows you need to update the author of.
  • Under Operations at the top of your view, choose change the author of content.
  • Hit Execute
  • On the next page, choose the user and hit next
  • on the next page hit confirm.
  • Repeat / Integrate with rules...
  • Thanks allot. looks great. BUt it seems the admin user is being changed when using VBO. I will look into the video for rules integration, hopefully I get it to work automatically.
    – pindaman
    Jun 28 '14 at 11:52

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