I am using Views Slideshow module to display multiple images uploaded in my article content type. Every node landing page will have a slideshow displayed with its images (slideshow works fine). All what I need is one common(Promo)Image to display as the last image/slide in every slideshow.

Is this possible with "Views Slideshow" and "Views" ? Do I need to create a separate tpl file for this?

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Create a Promo article and add the promo image as the field in this article.

Note the this article will be just a placeholder for us and will not be presented anywhere. So may you could un-publish as well.

Do a dpm to find out the fid or any related that you need to know about this particular image field. Then make changes to the view in post_execute.

   function modulename_views_post_execute(&$view) {
      // wait for the right view
      if($view->name == "name_of_the_view") {
        // create the object you want to insert in the result
        // dpm($view->result); to check how the objects are built. 
        $temp = new stdClass;
        $promo_image->fid = 13;

        // replace the old result array
        $view->result[] = $promo_image;

Based on the answer : Insert row into a view

  • Thanks for the Answer Gokul,I will update you soon on this. Jun 23, 2014 at 8:06

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