I have a question regarding to the open-atrium(OA)-drupal 7 developments. In 'OA' there are sections,spaces,sub spaces and groups are available.

I need to develop an intranet portal.

In my requirement --> I have a group of companies,under this group there are 3 operation units(Health care,Trading and IT).There are many companies under each operation units.

For e.g suppose under Healthcare there are 7 companies(hospital 1,hospital 2 ... etc). Each company have a no of departments.

My question is how can we assign each part of the organisation by using open atrium terms like sections,spaces,sub spaces and groups. [eg. Spaces for Operation units,sub spaces for companies under operation unit etc.]

I am really confused about this.Also i am first time to Open Atrium.Please help me if anybody has a solution.

I found this on open atrium site. enter image description here

note: moderators please give me a chance to edit the question if there is any thing wrong.


Take a look @ http://docs.openatrium.com/content/oa2-terminology-privacy-diagram first of all and make sure you understand every OA term before you write code, in fact, I would suggest viewing some of their webinars posted in the documentation site as they have some examples just like yours broken down and then 'openatrium'-ized.

I don't have enough information to give a concrete reply, but my two cents is keep it simple. Try to reflect on your organization organic structure of companies as spaces and sub spaces. Sections are types of functionality each company needs to address, like events or discussion board or document repository... groups are divided into the different roles people play in real life, IT guys and HR guys and etc... Teams form from the ground up by the members themselves. Members belong to both group(s) and Space(s).

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