In my status report I'm still getting this error:

Browscap data   /   browscap.ini is not configured in php.ini.

When I searched on the internet I found this topic that suggested this:

; http://php.net/browscap
browscap = "C:\xampp\php\extras\browscap.ini"

I've download full_php_browscap.ini file on browscap.org and placed it in the root where my php.ini is also located (also changed the name to browscap.ini).

Then I've placed this in my php.ini file:

browscap = "/domains/mydomain.be/public_html/staging/browscap.ini"

But I'm still getting the error ... . My php.ini file is located in the same directory as the browscap.ini file.


I fixed this with the module Browscap.

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