I have a Drupal Commerce website in development and there is a problem with the User Login block.

If logged in, it is missing the 'My Account / Log Out' links. But if logged out, is shows the standard links, 'Username/Pass fields, Create New Account, Request New Password' links.

I have no idea how to fix. can someone please clue me in where to start? This was a PSD to Drupal job so maybe the problem lies in one of the Template files? like Regions.tpl ?

On a standard Drupal install this hasn't been an issue.

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The user login block doesn't include "My Account" and "Log Out" links.

user_block_view > user_login_block

However, you can add the "User menu" to that region instead

Admin > Structure > Blocks > "User Menu"

It contains "My Account" and "Log Out" links.

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