I'm using Workflow module for an Article Submission Contest website.

I have two main Role defined in system:

  1. Referee
  2. Participant

The whole workflow goes like this:

  • Participant user logs in, submit his summary article (content-type).
  • System sends an e-mail to participant regarding receiving the article.
  • Referee user logs in, checks the submission then Approve/Deny the submission (Workflow module).
  • System sends another e-mail letting the participant know the results.
  • If Approved, Participant may send his Full Article.
  • Referee Checks new submission, Approve/Deny and Publish to the website.
  • System sends a congratulations e-mail letting the Participant know!

Everything is setup already and working just fine, the part that got me hooked in Rules module is:

When the Referee Approves the Summary Article (Content-type 1) via workflow module, then it gives the access to Participant to Create new node on Full Article (Content-type 2)

I'd really appreciate any hints, comments, answers, beers and coffee's you may provide to solve my issue! thank you.

  • are you using workflow node module or workflow field module?
    – wolverine
    Jun 28 '14 at 15:27
  • it's workflow node
    – user23288
    Jun 28 '14 at 20:42

You can create two Roles.

  1. Role 1 -> has permission to create summary (content type 1)
  2. Role 2 -> has permission to create full article (content type 2)

you can assign Role 1 to users by default.

Next you create a rule like

Event : Summary gets approved
Action : Add user role

The way you create the rule depends on whether you are using Workflow Node or Workflow field

If you are using Workflow Node then the rule will be

Event : Workflow state has changed
Condition : Check the state

If you are using Workflow Field then the rule will be

Event : After updating existing node
Condition : Do a data comparison for the workflow field with the state ID.

Action will be Add user role, that is Role 2

  • Thank you for the answer, I'll try to see if I can make it work or not and let you know soon
    – user23288
    Jun 28 '14 at 20:43
  • Ok, I couldn't make it work, here is what I did: Created a Rule Event: Workflow state has changed Condition: Content has a workflow state [Approved] Parameter: Node: [node], Compare workflow state: Approved Action: Add user role Parameter: User: [site:current-user], Roles: Full Participant I also have a question, the way you described how the hell system notice to give the very same user that his node has been approved a new role and not just the whole role change based on 1 approval of a node?
    – user23288
    Jun 29 '14 at 16:21
  • you should give the role to [node:author] not [site:current-user], the current user will be the person who approves.
    – wolverine
    Jun 29 '14 at 16:28

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